Rico Nasty Releases Music Video for New Single

Rico Nasty has dropped the music video for her new single, from her debut studio album, Nightmare Vacation.

Rico Nasty’s Nightmare Vacation

Nightmare Vacation arrived in December of last year, but new singles and music videos keep the debut album fresh. Any other year, Rico Nasty would be touring the country and the entire world. But due to the pandemic, there is no touring in sight to promote the album. This is a major bummer for her fans and for the music industry as a whole. Rico Nasty is heralded as a true punk rock artist, not just for her Sex Pistols-esque aesthetic, but for her iconoclastic ways as an artist and public figure. She is not easy to pigeon-hole and is not afraid to speak her truth. Those are qualities that can be sorely lacking in today’s music makers.

New Music Video

The new track is a favorite off of Nightmare Vacation and the visuals do the hyper-energetic song justice. Similar to that of Lil Nas X’s latest music video, Rico Nasty reinterprets Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden as a fun, sexy, wild place where a Black artist can explore their own sexuality free from condemnation and racial-fetishism.

The song itself details a sexual relationship between the singer-rapper and a man. It’s an incredibly explicit song, but Rico Nasty’s talent allows her to make it fun, and almost silly, making it easy to think nothing of the sordid details as you sing along. The music video adds to that silliness. The bright colors, strange costumes (including a conehead cap), and visual gags can almost convince you that you’re watching a fever-dreamed-up version of a very adult episode of Power Rangers.

You can watch the music video here or listen on your favorite music streaming platform. You can also buy Rico Nasty’s debut album on her website.

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