Tate McRae Drops New Single ‘exes’

Tate McRae Sends Kisses to Her “exes”

Viral singer-songwriter Tate McRae has just released her second single, “exes,” for her upcoming album, THINK LATER. The song is full of attitude, sass and confidence. “exes” follows the release of McRae’s hit September single, “greedy.”

“Kisses to my exes who don’t give a sh*t about me
Kisses, kisses to the next ones who think they can live without me
We make up, then we break up, then they swear they’ll never call me
But I still keep their number and their necklace, kisses to my exes”

The music video is filled with just as much of the same sentiment as the lyrics contain.

In an Instagram reel, McRae teased the creation of “exes.”


In another Instagram post announcing THINK LATER, McRae wrote about how much the album means to her and how excited she is for fans to hear it.

Tate McRae "exes" single cover art
Tate McRae “exes” single cover art

““THINK LATER” the album OUT DECEMBER 8TH😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 presave at the link in bio <3 we’re here guys. my sophomore album. this album means sooo much to me and i can’t believe it’s so close to coming out. writing this whole thing was one of the most stressful, exciting, nerve racking, and fun things i’ve ever gone through. for the first time in my life i lived this year a little less with my head and a little more with my intuition – and i rlly hope u guys can feel that through the music. through the biggest highs of my life to the lowest of lows – i feel so happy that it is now gonna be yours <3 here’s to 20 years old and figuring who the f*ck i am haha”

Tate McRae’s sophomore album, THINK LATER, comes out on December 6. Stay tuned for the release with Music Daily.

As for right now, Tate McRae still has a lot of things going on as a mere 20-year-old. This weekend, the artist is performing on SNL, with Jason Momoa as the host. Be sure to tune in on Monday for our story on her performances.

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