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TAEYANG Drops “VIBE” After Six-Year Hiatus

K-Pop King TAEYANG makes an unexpected six-year-long return with collaborative track “VIBE” featuring BTS’ own Jimin. Both Jimin and TAEYANG prove they can succeed with and without a K-Pop group. 

The triple threat artist TAEYANG is an equally skillful singer, dancer, and instrumentalist. With a stage name symbolizing “Sun” he TAEYANG knew he was born to be a star. He illuminates the stage with his undeniable talents. 

K-Pop King TAEYANG makes an unexpected six-year-long return with collaborative track “VIBE” featuring BTS’ own Jimin.
Jimin and Taeyang. Credits- The Black Label. Instagram. @_youngbae_

TAEYANG Reintroduces Himself 

Though, we were not able to experience new showcases of these talents for six years! Specifically since his 2017 album, WHITE NIGHT. TAEYANG’s exploration with his solo endeavors after BIGBANG would prove to be a success with hits like “Wedding Dress” and “Ringa Linga.” Now, after a six-year hiatus, he is ready to show his fans how he has matured as an artist. ”VIBE” came out on January 13, and serves as a warm reintroduction for the K-pop star. It’s spunky, fun, and refreshing. The new single is a mixture of New Jack Swing, retro, and R&B. With a smooth piano introduction, it’s unforeseeable where TAEYANG and Jimin take us. 

More importantly, the “VIBE” of the track is nothing short of a serotonin release. TAEYANG talks to NME about the track stating: “I really believe that a vibe, a good vibe, comes from the love that forms from the relationship that you have with someone or the things you love and the harmony in between. And this is what stemmed from my time spent away.”

A Mission For Love

Furthermore, in “VIBE,” TAEYANG and Jimin are completely infatuated with someone. TAEYANG describes “binge-watching” them, because they have a magnetic pull that draws him in. TAEYANG sings in the introduction, “Your smile is fine art / You wake up my soul / You got me feelin’ so right, yeah / It’s a vibe.” 

The two K-pop singers are in a trance due to their feelings for someone. And this person is all that matters to them right now. “This gon’ be the one and only theme song / You’ve got all of my attention / You’re my one and only mission,” TAEYANG sings. Even more, Jimin’s love interest is the center of his world, calling them his “matrix.”

Overall, Jimin and TAEYANG have irrefutable bonds that enlighten them. Their mind and heart have laser focus on this special someone, and we can only hope they feel the same for the musicians. 

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