Syd Puts The Pedal To The Floor With “Fast Car”

Earlier this month, Syd released a hot new single as she gets back into unleashing some more great music since the hiatus. The single “Fast Car” is a funky romantic track that fits the unique talent that is Syd and is an instant bop.

This is the second song Syd has come out with in four years and she doesn’t miss a beat. “Fast Car” is an 80’s rock anthem with a heavy Prince inspiration and feel. There is also a rockin’ guitar solo at the end as the cherry on top as Syd takes us on a rather intimate trip.

Will Syd Be Fast To An Album?

The artist is typically known for her laidback music and rap verses does quite the opposite on this track. It plays well for her versatile voice and is a nice contrast from what we’ve seen Syd do. The track also happens to be a follow-up to another great song she released back in February.

Missing Out ” was the first time we heard Syd solo since 2017 when she dropped Fin. The 12-track album showed many that Syd was much more than just Odd Future with Tyler, The Creator. After that album, Syd switched focus to her band The Internet. The rap collective released Hive Mind in 2018 managing to create this jazzy funk-inspired sound that hasn’t been replicated. Syd was among talented artists in the group who’ve made their own solo success like Steve Lacy and Patrick Paige II.

Patrick came out with If I Fail Are We Still Cool? this year back in May. Steve Lacy also recently dropped The Lo-Fis in December of 2020. Now might it just be Syd’s turn to drop an album?

All we know for sure right now is that she is back and more new music is coming for an album. For now, watch her entertaining music video and tell us down below what you think of the song.

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