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SuperKnova Drops New Outspoken Pop Album “Superuniverse”

Korean-American artist Ellie Kim, in art SuperKnova just released her new album, superuniverse. The album includes also her leading singles “Islands” and “Later.”

Discover this incredible musician and LGBTQ+ activist.

Superuniverse Is Art, Music, & Rebellion

The artist has just released her new album superuniverse.

The artist sings about her difficulties in accepting her body. This is a theme that’s recurrent in Superknova’s music, who often mentions the difficulties in finding people that look like her to look up to. Being both Korean and trans, Ellie Kim spoke about the harsh reality in which she couldn’t find anyone around her or in the celebrity world that had the same ethnic and physical characteristics as her. “I wanna throw away/ My body/ Start all over/ Slip into my 40’s,” sings Superknova in her leading single in a halo of both melancholy and inner strength research.

In her song “Splendor Dysphoria” she sings:

I am soft and 
Crude and I can 
Be me or he or she 
or they 

The artist also mentions where the album comes from. She cited “fine art, museums and galleries” as the main source of inspiration.

On her social accounts she discussed the inspiration by saying:

The album art is inspired by fine art, museums and galleries. I’ve always loved art in all its forms and love going to museums and art shows. However, as an Asian American, transgender woman, I am traditionally absent as both subject and artist from these spaces. Therefore, with this album I wanted to challenge who is worthy of being depicted or glorified in “high class” art.

The artist recently also performed for the first time in NYC.

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