January 30, 2023



Summer’s Hit Kpop Playlist is Here!

Summer is the time for vacations, parties, and just simply living and vibing, and this Kpop playlist is here for you!

Your Summer Kpop Playlist

“Candy Sugar Pop” – ASTRO

Let’s start with “Candy Sugar Pop” by ASTRO. “Candy Sugar Pop” is an upbeat song with a sweet message and concept. It’s full of fun, bright melodies, and strong, high vocals. The song has smooth rap verses that blend incredibly well with the rhythms, and generally happy feelings. “Candy Sugar Pop” is filled to the brim with summer vibes.

“Hot Sauce” – NCT DREAM

“Hot Sauce” by NCT DREAM is also a top-tier summer song, and it brings completely different summer feelings to the mix. The song is hot, spicy, and has a hook that you can’t get out of your mind. From the incredibly deep vocals at the beginning of the chorus to the incredibly high vocals throughout the chorus, “Hot Sauce” plays with your ears and your heart.

“Burning Up (Fire)” – BTS

You can’t have a summer Kpop playlist without BTS’ “Burning Up (Fire).” A classic Kpop hit, “Burning Up (Fire)” has spread through the Kpop communities all over the world since its release in 2016. Its listeners can’t help but bop their heads, many even dancing the addictive choreography. The song is infectious, and globally famous for a reason.


“CANDYFLOSS” by Nayeon has been stuck in the ears of thousands since its release. With that classic bubblegum pop sound that Kpop has become known for, “CANDYFLOSS” is a fun summer earworm. Nayeon’s voice is as sweet as candy floss. Listeners will be singing along and repeating “gimme that candy floss” on end.


SUPER JUNIOR’s “MANGO” was a must-have for this summer playlist. “MANGO” is a throwback to all the hit SUPER JUNIOR songs that come to fans’ heads when they hear their voices, as well as a nod to all the new music trends of today. A new song from the Kpop legend that’s crazy catchy and “sweet just like a mango”—what’s not to love?

“We Are” – KINGDOM

The playlist comes to an end with KINGDOM’s “We Are.” Among the Kpop rookies on the list, KINGDOM’s “We Are” doesn’t feel like a rookie song. Made of hopeful, bright, yet soft, vocals and some great electronic instruments and effects, the song brings the playlist to a close with a sweet, lifting melody.

I could go on forever about why I chose each and every song for this summer playlist, but I’ll spare you that essay. Below, you can listen to the playlist in all its summer-vibes glory.

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