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Quavo & Takeoff w/ Gucci Mane in Us Vs. Them

Quavo & Takeoff just released their new single collab Us Vs. Them. In the single, Gucci Man featured as well. The song came out with a music video.

Us Vs. Them

takeoff quavoA collaboration on another level is the one from Quavo and Takeoff with Gucci Mane, that on July 29 released their new single Us Vs. Them. The collaboration of three of the high profile rappers of the moment produced an unmissable and unmatched hit. The complementary flows of the two ex-Migos rappers, that previously worked together for HOTEL LOBBY, and the Atlanta rapper create a great synergy and the songs comes off as a huge hit and collab.

Built around the main verse “Fuck that other shit, I’m going for the win,” the song proves the greatness of the rappers. With incredible lines like

[TakeOff] Steppin’ in shoes that’s not your size (Niggas ain’t steppin’)
The back of the Maybach I sit and recline (Thinkin’ ’bout what?)
And I got Franklins all on my mind, then chrome, then spine (What else?)
Chrome the 9 (Then what?) and bulletproof the ride (Skrrt)


[Quavo] ‘Case your boy start hookin’, then I’m jumpin’ in (Hey)
Came from nothin’, now my Lambo’ look like dolphin fins (Sky)

Gucci Mane is no exception. The Atlanta rapper comes with rhymes as good as the ones he’s always proposed as well. An example is the unmatched

Bullets go through windows, gotta watch the words you choose
The AR got to jerkin’, burned his hand and left a bruise
When them bodies start to drop, they screamin’ “Stop, let’s call a truce”

Official Music Video

The song came out with a music video as well. In the video, the three artists dance and rap to the rhythm of this powerful beat.

The scenes alternate between visuals in the parking garage and others on a basketball and a football court. Rain of fireworks falls from the ceilings, which gives the video and the song an incredible energy.

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