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Stormae & Camila Cabello Collab: “Mon Amour”

The Cuban Queen is back, and this time she’s got a huge surprise: she’s singing in French now! That’s right, Camila Cabello has partnered with Stromae to bring us the wonderfully soft love song: “Mon Amour”. 



Sweet Love by Stromae and Camila Cabello: 

“Mon Amour” translates to “My Love” and realizing that makes the lyrics make way more sense. Lyrically about Stromae and the many partners he’s had in his past. At the same time he expresses that he is truly in love with this nameless woman he’s singing to. Ain’t that just cute? Okay, alright, it’s a little cliche but what really stands out is… 

The Music Video: 

Now here’s where things get fun. Get this. They decided that the most fun thing they could do for a music video is make it like a reality show. Not any reality show, but one of those dating ones where they’re all on an island. Girl, when I tell you that I’d gladly watch this on TLC, that’s a compliment! My guy Stromae and Camila are the most chill out of the entire cast and it’s honestly a fun time. Plus, as briefly mentioned above the song ain’t half bad. Its light composition and soothing lyrical deliveries makes this just a nice experience all together. 

Honestly, go check out that music video and 90 Day Fiance while you’re at it. That Big Ed and Tiger King era of absolutely bonkers content is just great. This reminded me of that in the best way possible so that’s gotta be good… right? Yeah, it is. That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections. 

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