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NAV, Lil Baby and Travis Scott are Geeked on “Never Sleep”

NAV, along with Lil Baby and Travis Scott, released his newest single “Never Sleep.” The track precedes his forthcoming album, Demons Protected by Angels.

“Never Sleep,” produced by the legendary Tay Keith (with Grayson and Mike Dean), uses a trap beat built from a jail siren. Travis Scott’s verses on the track, complete with his signature autotune, brag all about being “stuck at the top and it’s nowhere to go.” NAV enters with a correlating chorus, one in which the trio are “Geeked, never sleep / Stretch a hundred to millions in weeks.” Lil Baby’s verse, though short, is being hailed as the best on the song.

NAV’s rap connections are plentiful, and he has long-standing relationships with his current features. Scott and NAV collaborated on the iconic “biebs in the trap” and “YOSEMITE.” Of course, it’s no surprise NAV taps Cactus Jack for this track. Lil Baby and his Canadian counterpart teamed up for “Don’t Need Friends” in 2020 and “Off White VLONE” in 2018.

“Never Sleep” precedes Demons Protected by Angels, which supposedly drops sometime this month. NAV’s last solo project, Good Intentions, debuted at #1. Based on the fanfare surrounding “Never Sleep,” we assume his newest work will top the charts as well.

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