St. Vincent’s “Down” Comes Alongside “Daddy’s Home” LP

In anticipation for St. Vincent’s album Daddy’s Home, visuals for her latest single, “Down,” were released.

St. Vincent’s Music Video Tie-Ins

This video is unlike the majority of St. Vincent’s others, which expresses a retro-70’s-movie aesthetic. She introduced this new aesthetic to her catalog when she released the visuals for “The Melting of the Sun.” This track was another single from her new album, which dropped a month before the record.

St. Vincent recently shared with UPROXX Magazine, “I wanted it to be warm tones and not really distorted, to tell theses stories of flawed people being flawed and doing the best they can. Which is kind of what my life is. I went back to these records that I probably listened to more in my life than at any other time. Music made in New York from 1971 to ’76, typically post flower child, kick the hippie idealism out of it, America’s in a recession by pre-disco, the sort of gritty, raw, wiggly nihilistic part of that. It’s not a glamorous time, there’s a lot of dirt under the fingernails. It was really about feel and vibe but with song and stories.”

A Triple Seven Pictures Production, “Down” is directed by Bill Benz and produced by Wes Hager. It’s a vibe-y video with an emphasis on the message of the entire new album, Daddy’s Home. It showcases the past, highlights emotions, and derives warmth from difficulty.


What We Got From Daddy’s Home

Daddy’s Home is St. Vincent’s sixth studio album. “I wanted to tell my story with a level of humour and compassion,” she reveals to NME Magazine. She is dedicating her album title to her father’s long awaited release from prison.

St. Vincent’s father had been imprisoned since 2010 and was not released until two years ago. The star seems to have curated this album as a way to tell her story to listeners, yet spares them of the biographical details. The tone of the album takes influence from her father’s record collection, which adds to the seventies twist on things. 


St. Vincent has been on an album-releasing-hiatus since her last release, Masseducation, in 2017. “’MASSEDUCTION’ took the beating heart of glam rock and took it to garish, latex-clad extremes,” according to NME magazine. Daddy’s Home, though, has a new sound that we mostly have not heard from St. Vincent. Her sporadic discography is what keeps fans so engaged and eager for more. Daddy’s Home has only been out a few days, but is exactly like that. Prepping it’s release with “Down” also gives fans a taste of what they would sign dive headfirst into, too.

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