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Spacey Jane Recruit BENEE For “Lots Of Nothing” Remix

Australian indie rock band, Spacey Jane joined forces with New Zealand singer-songwriter BENEE for a new remix of their hit song “Lots of Nothing.”

“Lots of Nothing” Receives A Second Life

This is the pairing we didn’t know we needed. If you remember, back in the summer of 2021, Spacey Jane released “Lots of Nothing,” a laid-back track about having way too many thoughts going on at once that it feels like your mind has gone blank. Well, the band decided to give the track a second life, as they just recruited BENEE to sing along with them.

BENEE gives the song a new sound that feels refreshing. While the song sticks to its roots and BENEE adds her vocals to a new verse, it still feels like a song that we hadn’t heard before. “And my head’s filled with lots of nothing. C’mon, you must think something of him. Fall in love to fall right out. And break apart without a sound. And I’ve never felt like this before,” Spacey Jane’s vocalist Caleb Harper and BENEE unite in the last chorus.

Spacey Jane & BENEE Speak About The New Remix

“We’re so excited to have BENEE on this track!” Caleb said. “We’ve been fans of Stella [BENEE] for a long time and ever since we played together on Laneway (way back in 2020) she’s been a dream collab for me. Stella really took the lead on her verse, it’s new territory for us so we were lucky to have something we were really happy with from the start. It’s so cool to see a song that I wrote over two years ago have new life breathed into it like this. We hope you like it as much as we do!”

BENEE adds, “I love Spacey Jane and it’s always fun collaborating with my Aussie mates! We all met playing Laneway Fest, pre Covid, so I was stoked to be asked to jump on this track. I really hope we can perform this remix live together!”

What do you think of the new remix? We are loving it!

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