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So!YoON! and RM See Success With “Smoke Sprite”

So!YoON! is seeing a lot of success with the song “Smoke Sprite,” which features RM from BTS and is off of her latest album, ‘Episode1 : Love.’

So!YoON! and RM’s Collaboration

Korean rock band Se So Neon’s So!YoON! and Kpop group BTS’ RM have joined together on a crazily addictive song—“Smoke Sprite.” “Smoke Sprite” is off of So!YoON!’s newest album, ‘Episode1 : Love.’ The song has that trademark rock ballad sound. So!YoON! hits several high notes in her singing, and the vocal distortion on her voice adds an unnerving, disconcerting level to it.

In an interview with Bandwagon, So!YoON! talks about her collaboration with RM.

With RM, I met with him naturally without any prior arrangement and we talked about our albums and listened to each other’s albums. He’s satisfied with the outcome of “Smoke Sprite.” It was really fun writing the lyrics and making the chorus together. It is no exaggeration to say that we truly made the song together.

The Visceral Music Video

In the music video, the striking visuals pack a punch and hold a lot of meaning. Whether So!YoON! is running through the snow with a sunburn or shooting herself with an arrow, the visuals clearly have a lot of emphasis on what the song means. The video is artistic, abstract, sexy, and confusing, and So!YoON! and RM definitely get those parts across.

Check out the music video below and see for yourself!

The Success of “Smoke Sprite” So Far…

“Smoke Sprite” has quickly gained success from various outlets, streaming platforms, and media. According to ALLKPOP, the song made it to No. 1 on iTunes’ top albums chart in 62 different regions. TikTok numbers over 2 million caught our eyes…

Additionally, the song has over 21 million streams on Spotify. Its music video has over 13 million views on YouTube. It is clearly enjoying success all over the internet, and will continue to enjoy more!

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