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Lilac Haze Drops Debut Double Single

Dream Pop Artist Katrina Swift, in art Lilac Haze, drops her new double single, “The Ghost That I Once Knew and “Lilac Haze.” Discover with us UK-based artist and her new projects!

Lilac Haze

Lilac Haze, stage name of Bath-based singer/songwriter Katrina Swift, is one of the biggest promises of dream pop music. Starting with the release of famous hits covers on her social platforms, the artist found her personal sound through the fusion of progressive, pop rock and alternative music.

With a strong influence from the 80s and 90s, Swift created a personal and unique sound inspired by artists of the likes of The Cure, All About Eve, Fleetwood Mac, Wolf Alice, Eva Cassidy, and Pink Floyd. A classical background, performing across the U.S and Europe fronting ensembles and orchestras, highly influenced the musician’s art as well.

Her music combines atmospheric and ethereal textures with a sense of nostalgic romance. The singular, angelic, haunting vocals gently soar upon soft guitars, delicate strings and dramatic synths. The high, gentle voice assembles the different parts of her projects in an evocative, unique sound.

Discussing the inspiration behind the singles, Swift explains:

“In December 2021, I wrote Ghost after a period of self-reflection during a time when I felt unsure and lost in my new surroundings. It’s a reflection of the loss of innocence as we mature… a farewell to your old self. Lilac Haze however is a song written for anyone who has been affected by loved ones lost to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.”

Calum Wotherspoon (Nightswimming) produced the singer’s stunning debut double singles The Ghost That I Once Knew // Lilac Haze. They were mastered by Adam Ayan, who also worked with Paul McCartney, Lana Del Ray and Carrie Underwood. Moreover, guitarist Sam Allan (Nightswimming) and drummer Torin Moore (Nightswimming) collaborated on the tracks to create the backdrop of the pure, genuine sound of Swift’s debut singles.

If you liked Swift’s music, we’re sure you’re going to like dream-pop artist Yana as well! Discover more about her music here.

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