Doums Comes Back After One Year with “Pilot3”

Third chapter of the Pilote saga

Without any precedent communication, the french rapper Doums has recently droppedPilot3”. The EP is the third chapter of the Pilote saga, 4 years after “Pilote” (2017) and only two years after “Pilote & Co” (2019). A short and lively project for (re)discovered the qualities of the 29 years old artist. Centrals also the choices of the featurings, with old friends and loyals like Nekfeu, FRAMAL and S.Pri Noir. And speaking of Nekfeu, fans of french rap surely will remember the collaboration on “Ce soir“, their 2019’s hit that also included the presence of Nae. There’s not much to talk about, “Pilot3” is one of the most interesting representations of the hip hop scene in France.

Doums: not a conventional rapper

With his particular chill sound, Doums is extremely and surprisingly intimate. And this is not an overdiffuse thing, at all if we’re talking about street attitude in the most rude genre of music. But, except the talent, the artist from Paris has nothing in common with his colleagues.

5 tracks and 4 collaborations, “Pilot3” feel the expectative from the precedent works but without losing the light. It’s also really hard to understand all the characteristics of the project, because of obvious language problems. Doums’ texts are indeed very feeled, and just listening to them without understanding it’s not the best thing to do. “Pilot3” ends with the powerful chorus of the track “On y est“, with the contribution of Nekfeu. Besides, in the melancholic chorus of the song, there’s a reference to another projectof the duo: “L’air du temps“, contained in the album “Les étoiles vagabondes“.

Once again, Doums shows the versatility of his verses to the fans. This time also after one year of no music, an unthinkable thing during an overdrops phase. The french artist has chosen a large part of his discographic family for the return on the scenes. Maybe the right choice for an extremely personal project like this. In an increasingly hectic world, Doums drives in the opposite way of their colleagues. But when you have a clear goal on your mind, you’re driving in the right way.

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