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Slayyyter Slays Lady Gaga’s ‘Monster’ for Spotify Singles

"It's not a joke to say that there are certain Lady Gaga songs that saved my life," Slayyyter reveals to Out Magazine.

The self-proclaimed Belladonna, Slayyyter, gets in the Halloween spirit with a spooky cover of Lady Gaga’s 2009 classic, “Monster,” for Spotify Singles. After earning high praise for her sexy dark-pop album, Starfucker, the 28-year-old is preparing to support the album with a U.S. and Canada tour starting October 25—titled “Club Valentine”—with special guests Miss Madeline and Lolo Zouaï on select dates.

During her recent press tour, Slayyyter revealed how Gaga impacted her childhood and inspired her new record. “Growing up, I didn’t have like a lot of friends in middle school. I was kind of weird, and what kept me going through it and what kept me happy and in my own little world was things like discovering like The Fame by Lady Gaga for the first time or getting into MySpace music and hearing Space Cowboy and all this stuff,” she told Out Magazine.

“[…] So it was kind of natural to make music that I always loved. I always loved Marina and the Diamonds and loved Lady Gaga and loved all that kind of music that’s like championed gay stan Twitter. So I feel like it just kind of made sense for me to, you know, kind of emulate like the things that I grew up loving. […] It’s funny because I think to the outside world, pop music, people think it’s like silly. But I feel like it has so much impact. It’s not a joke to say that there are certain Lady Gaga songs that saved my life.”

Slayyyter’s spontaneous cover was released alongside electronic artist Odetari’s “Green Goblin” for Spotify Singles.

Stream Slayyyter’s cover of Lady Gaga’s 2009 hit, “Monster,” below! Check out more Releases on Music Daily.

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