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 On PEACH And Their Self-Titled Album Debut

On Saturday, September 30th, Bristol-made post-punk group PEACH released their first self-titled studio album. A huge step forward for the band, the album stays true to their origins. It also manages to minimize their overdubs and tries to create the raw energy that defines the artists’ true sound. Throughout nine tracks, each song explores boundaries, comfort zones and change, as well as moments of clarity in any relationship. Some of which the band is familiar with, as it is something they do best with their music as a whole.

The Beginning of PEACH

The band first started back in 2019 when drummer Andy Sutor and guitarist Jean-Paul Jacyshyn wanted to start a band. The two shared a love for the ’90s and early 2000s music, especially desert rock, punk and grunge music. Their musical inspiration came from other artists such as Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey and Eleven. After recruiting another member, Tim Cooke, the band had to halt their progress due to pandemic delays.

Eventually, though, the band finally got back to work in 2021, when they found their final member: Ellie Godwin. They started getting out handfuls of successful singles and, at the same time, started to work on their debut album. Throughout the process, they’ve gotten comments from BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Wales. At the same time, PEACH has been awarded support slots. This put them beside other bands such as Mclusky, LIFE, Chiyoda, Crows, Skin Failure and CLT Drop. Most recently, they’ve gotten a slot in the 2022 Arctangent Festival.

The Band Now

With their album’s lead single “Already There,” the band commented in a press release how the song “is about a growing awareness of being manipulated – that guttural feeling of unease, exhausted and perplexed thoughts, repeatedly striving to be a better version of oneself. As you move through the circular notion of this song, its growling and sludgy behaviours are profound. Already There eventually leads to the intertwining of the spiralling vocals and the jagged guitar solo, projecting the emotion of the track to a pinnacle point of defeat.”

PEACH is getting ready to play a few live shows in the coming month. It will be interesting to see the places this band goes next.

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