Silk Sonic are Fiery on “Smokin Out The Window”

It looks like Bruno Mars finally threw the grenade back. “Smokin Out The Window,” a joint effort with Anderson .Paak through their new duo, Silk Sonic, is fiery, raging and jealous. It’s a direct turn away from Bruno’s older music, and fans are absolutely living for it. Bruno and Anderson .Paak are set to release the first of Silk Sonic’s albums, An Evening with Silk Sonic, on November 12th.

The Third Single off An Evening with Silk Sonic

“Smokin Out The Window” is the third single to arrive off of An Evening with Silk Sonic. The first, “Leave the Door Open,” made waves when the collaborators performed it at the Grammys. “Skate,” their second single, released in the summer. Though each song has had a unique, distinct sound, the premise is the same: Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are evolving constantly.

“Smokin Out The Window” is A Perfect Combination

Silk Sonic are not only incredible vocalists, but are experienced lyricists as well. The pair co-wrote “Smokin Out The Window,” and their lyrics hit hard. Bruno Mars, with his infectious voice, sings the pre-chorus, “This b**** got me payin’ her rent, payin’ for trips / Diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrist / And here I am all alone.” These three lines alone are currently taking over the internet, with clips of the music video circling on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. But who can forget the incredible singing of Anderson .Paak? His breathier, smooth voice compliments Bruno’s perfectly.

A Fitting Music Video

The “Smokin Out The Window” video is not what you’d expect, but is somehow so fitting. Silk Sonic take us back to the ’70s Soul Train era. Matching outfits, choreographed dance moves, and yellow-tint glasses combine for a satisfying watch.

What else can we expect from Silk Sonic? We’re only sure about one thing: Bruno is no longer catching grenades for a woman. In fact, he might actually be throwing them back. And fans of the duo? Well, they are absolutely here for it.

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