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Sigrid New Album And Single “Blue”



Sigrid releases deluxe edition of How To Let Go and shares new song “Blue.” “Blue has been in the vault for a couple years and I’m so so glad it’s finally out,” writes Sigrid after the release of her latest song.

How To Let Go

The Norwegian pop singer Sigrid just released a new acoustic edition of her latest How To Let Go on November 4. The album is also a visual album, with separate videos from the previous. How To Let Go (Special Edition) not only revisits the old songs, but includes two new ones. One of them titled, “Blue.”

Sigrid went on her social accounts for the exciting announcement, mentioning she’s “so proud of everything to come!” “I spent a lot of time in Lydriket studio in Bergen after I finished high school.”

There, the artist had the chance to collaborate with multiple songwriters and producers, including @askjells and @oddmartinmusic. This inspired her to the write multiple songs. Sigrid previously collaborated also with names of the likes of Bring Me The Horizon in “Bad Life” and Danny L Harle.

She said: “The more my project grew, the more singles were released and the more acoustic versions were made by Askjell [songwriter and producer in the record] and I. It’s been a really nice way to check in with the actual songwriting in between heavy promoting, touring, video shoots, and travelling.”

Working on new songs brought Sigrid to imagine a brand new album including the new pieces. “I got this idea that I wanted to make alternative versions of all the songs from my second album with Askjell. […] I wanted to present the songwriting of How To Let Go in a more intimate and up close way, and in that way also show that more quiet side of me.”

How To Let Go (Special Edition) is out now. Find your copy here!

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