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“Letter To Takeoff”: Love, Gucci Mane

Rap veteran Gucci Mane pays tribute to the late Migos rapper Takeoff in his newest single “Letter To Takeoff.”

Gucci Mane Grieves His Loss On “Letter To Takeoff”

Pouring out his raw emotions and thoughts, Gucci Mane navigates through his grief. “We don’t supposed to question God, but, damn, Takeoff was perfect (God) / I go from sad to mad, I’vе been through every stage of griеf,” he raps on “Letter to Takeoff.”

Gucci Mane has lost his mother, little brother, and close friends. Additionally, Gucci Mane mentions the passing of several rappers in recent years including: XXXTENTACION, Pnb Rock, and Young Dolph. The “Wake Up In The Sky” rapper writes about denial, sadness, and the questions he is left with, after Takeoff’s untimely passing. He believes the world takes away the genuine people, while the disingenuous remain on earth. 

Gucci tries to piece himself together, coping with the losses of his loved ones. I tried to drown the pain away by drinkin’ pints of lean (Lean) / Until I woke up in a hospital, it wasn’t a dream,” he raps. Gucci Mane resorts to lean for a temporary fix. In “Letter to Takeoff” he vows to keep the legacy alive of the ones that are gone. Also, he makes a great point about appreciating people while they are still alive, not just when they die. “Let’s start givin’ our loved ones they flowers while they here / Because it’s crazy out here / One day you’re here, the next day you could be gone and it’s sad,” he raps. 

In Loving Memory Of Takeoff

Gucci Mane finishes his “Letter to Takeoff” with the story of how the two met. He first met Takeoff at his studio over ten years ago. Gucci knew he had star quality, and he cherishes the memories they share together. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you / We talk about you still and you will never be forgotten / Love, Gucci,” he writes.  

R.I.P. to Takeoff. Thoughts and prayers to his family and loved ones at this time.

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