Sick Luke, “X2”: A Bit of Everything and Some Already Known Names

Variegated, creative and full (of artists). These are the first three adjectives that I’d say to describe “X2,” the first official album of Sick Luke. With this project, Sick Luke, already known as one of the most appreciated Italian producers, wants to get more from his music.

In these years indeed, as we all know, the figure of the man behind the song is getting more esteem from the public (and I would say “finally”). And in this we can find the importance of “X2,” that also counts several names that you could remember. Mecna, Ghali, Ernia and Sfera Ebbasta, who we talked about on MD, are just some that took part of the album. But don’t forget the others: Carl Brave, CoCo and Madame. “X2” has probably the best alternative pop music that the Italian industry can give at the moment. It contains a bit of everything, from lo-fi and melancholic tracks to street rap with a metal influence.

Sick Luke has chosen the best period to come out with such a big project. With also a massive presence of artists/friends with whom he already did a lot of collaborations together. “X2” doesn’t have a fil rouge, which is great, but could actually be also a bad aspect. Indeed, we’re nowadays used to albums whose tracks sound exactly the same, not only musically but also for the concept/topic. So a mix of genres like this it’s risky if we take the general public as our reference.

From the Italian critic, “X2” has received only good reviews, a sign that the country’s urban music is increasing more every year. Obviously, for a project that’s going strong in his country, the goal is to expand itself to a bigger market. And the American one is still the dream of everyone, at least in Europe.

PERSONAL OPINION. “Il giorno più triste del mondo“, “Clochard” and “Dream Team” are a MUST on this album. Absolutely deserving of a chance.

Italy is trying hard to be on the map of music that counts, and for Sick Luke and his band this was just a taste.

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