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FKA twigs Teases Collab with Dua Lipa

FKA twigs revealed that she started working on a duet song with Dua Lipa, but the artists haven’t had the time to finish it.

FKA & Dua First Teased Their Duet Song During a Live Performance

Back in 2020, FKA twigs joined Dua Lipa on stage during her Studio 2054 live stream concert. They actually teased fans by performing a snippet of their duet song together, making them believe that they would release the track soon. It turns out, the stars just haven’t found the time for them to get together and finish the song! And now, almost two years later, FKA revealed that she wants to call Dua to finally make the final arrangements.

FKA said that there is no exact reason why they haven’t finished recording the song, except time. About how the collaboration started she told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, “A friend of a friend sent me a voice note of somebody that I’ve never even met, like basically hassling me for that Dua Lipa bump. I was like, that’s just like the cherry on top. I’ll just put that on. Why isn’t it on the internet? Honestly, there’s literally no reason. I think there’s actually no reason why we haven’t finished it. I don’t even have a reason.”

Is The Song Going to Be Finished Soon? We Hope So!

FKA had been busy in the last couple of months trying to finish her CAPRISONGS album, which is full of artist collaborations. The album was just released recently, so she might finally have some time to get the duet done. “I’ve been busy doing the mixtape, but maybe I’ll give Dua a little call,” she added. “Maybe it’s something that we need to – Yeah, we’ll do it. Yeah, we will. We will do it. There’s no reason. I have no explanation. I feel like I’m in school, you know when your teacher tells you off and you just have no reason for why you didn’t do your homework?”

Prior to their Studio 2054 performance, Dua revealed, “We made a song that we both really love. Then I asked her whether she wanted to be in the live stream, and maybe we could tease a little bit of the song. So that’s what we’re gonna do, which I’m really, really, really excited about.”

Do you think the collab is going to happen soon? Tell us in the comments!

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