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Shakira Channels Her Inner Mermaid for ‘Copa Vacia’

Shakira just teamed up with Manuel Turizo for “Copa Vacia,” a Spanish language duet that tackles relationship woes.

In an Instagram live, Shakira addressed her fans’ questions regarding the new single.

“I find the mermaid figure in this video highly symbolic, perfectly capturing this moment in my life. As many know, I’m on the road back to myself. The mermaid in the video sacrifices much for love, ultimately finding herself in a dumpster surrounded by rats… Eventually, she returns to her natural habitat. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental… Lately, I’ve been in the water so much that I feel like I’m growing scales.”

The song is sung in Spanish, but the following translation reveals lyrics English speakers can also relate to. “You see it like this, at this rate, I can’t keep up/I don’t know what else to do to get more from you because you don’t want it when I want it/You’re colder than January, I yearn for warmth, but you only offer ice… I’ve been thirsty for you for a while/I don’t know why I’m left wanting more, longing to drink from an empty cup.

Shakira’s Dancing on Her Own

“Copa Vacia” comes after Shakira’s June 2022 seperation from Gerard Piqué, a subject that drew international attention not just due to the couple both being huge stars, but also due to the strange story behind their seperation. Shakira revealed she discovered her then-husband’s affair by noticing the jam that only she likes was mostly empty in their fridge.

Shakira’s songs since her separation have alternated between subtle and not-so-subtle digs at her ex as well as rumination on herself and how she looks at relationships since. This song is one more entry into this universe.

This is the latest collaboration Shakira has released. Last year, she dropped “Te Felicito,” featuring Rauw Alejandro.

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