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S.G. Goodman Drops Women Anthem “Be Careful”

S.G. Goodman dropped her latest single ” Be Careful.” The Kentucky-born singer was joined by Maddi Diaz and Joy Oladokun in the socio-political hit.

“Be Careful”

“Be Careful” is a socio-political song, discussing the position of women in today’s society. In the defensive women’s point of view, the song aims to describe how all women, with no exceptions, are subject to society’s discrimination. However, the artists also present women in a strong position, with rebellion and powerful lines. From the title to the end, the song warns men – and the world – to act carefully when towards women. “Be careful how you bend me / Be careful where you send me / Be careful /Be careful how you end me.”

Women And The Importance Of Voting

S.G. Goodman has a really strong affection for the song. She is, in fact, careful to take care of its reception and conception from the public. In particular, the empowering hit was underestimated and deprived of its values when its meaning was questioned. The artist commented, saying she felt “upset.”When I was asked to give a quote about “Be Careful,” I was honestly so upset that in 2022, women are still having to defend their autonomy and humanity. That speaks to a few things about my mindset though. In my anger, there is a truth that I have taken my rights for granted.”

I guess asking people to understand what is on the line with voting this year has felt too vulnerable and personal to speak publicly about.”

In particular, the song refers to the problem surrounding the multiple, recent, critical law situations involving women and their rights. From The United States to Iran, women are fighting to gain – or gain back – the rights that would help erase the deep groove between men and women. Underlining the importance of voting and supporting women’s causes, S.G. Goodman wrote:

“It is a vulnerable position to be in, in trying to convince your neighbors that their apathy in voting could have a lifetime’s worth of consequences for my personal life and the lives of those in my community. Justice Thomas has plainly said how he intends to use the same logic of overthrowing Roe in more than reproductive rights. It is a matter of individual privacy, me having the same rights as my brothers, and separation between church and state.

“You may not see how upholding a woman’s rights to autonomy and privacy effects you. I’m going to tell you that it does have consequences for myself and so many others. I would even say it applies to all of our personal freedoms. Please if not for yourself, vote for those who are too scared to know if we matter to you or not.”

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