January 30, 2023



Sarcastic Sounds’ One Minute Long, But Thrilling Single

Just weeks after being seen on a billboard right in the heart of Los Angeles, Sarcastic Sounds released a new single. This new song doesn’t just represent him as an artist, but his personal outlook on life. 


The Three S’s: Sarcastic, Sounds, Success

With the billboard going up, collaborations in the works, and a love for creating, Sarcastic Sounds is well on his way to stardom. The young star is unique, original, and every synonym of these two words. Everything he creates is something he’s proud of and a fan of. This new single, “say goodbye,” highlights that. 


The long way home” featuring Sarcastic Sounds and Sara Kays is a song by Powfu. (Of whom Sarcastic Sounds often collars with.) This is what the LA billboard is for. “Say goodbye,” though, is what is deserving of the next one. 


This brand new single is only about a minute-and-a-half long and yet outstandingly robust and meticulous. In that short amount of time, Sarcastic Sounds is able to convey a message and depict his musical lane. He combines the storytelling of the sixties with the originality of the 2000s on it. Sarcastic Sounds showcases all of his talents and generation-spanning idiosyncrasies on “say goodbye.” 


“say goodbye,” this brand new single, takes melancholy lyrics and upbeat ukulele riffs and turns into something mysterious. It sounds simple, but the mystery comes from the addition of an EDM style beat dropping in for the chorus. This part of the song is interesting as it almost takes away from the depth of the lyrics. We love it as it gives fans away to clap along in time, groove to the beat, and lose themselves in the track. It’s lyrically so dynamic in a short amount of time, though, and we wish we could focus just on that. 


The Thrill of Relating Honestly To “say goodbye”

Sarcastic Sound has a youthful voice, making us believe that these sad, personal problems are relatable. (And they are!) The rising star exudes personality, but at the same time comes across like he is the most casual musician you’ve ever met. There’s passion in his eyes and emotion in his voice, but predominantly fun, realistic stories being told through songwriting and instrumentation. He combines hip-hop stylings with alternative vibes to create droning, but bouncy hits.


“Say goodbye” questions what to sing about next, if not the usual: depression, relationships, the world at large. All of these things play into the idea of leaving, moving on, and evolving. All this young star wants is to not say goodbye, because he is sick of it. Sometimes, in this day and age, goodbye is all we have. 


In under two minutes, Sarcastic Sounds relays the frustration that we all have with ourselves. Life is too short, there are too many questions, and it moves fast. How can we keep up without missing out – or “saying goodbye”? Whether this be in the moment, forever, or just for another day, Sarcastic Sounds implement this feeling of dread. Life is so much more than saying goodbye – it’s about clapping along to your favorite songs or being on billboards. 


As an artist, and also a regular 21-year-old, this talented musician understands that. He’s lucky to experience, and sing, about the balance of the two. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel the same complexities, sadness, and disappointment as everyone else. Just like he sings in the song, “I sleep myself into a coma on this whiskey scented sofa. Strum away my days instead of trying to go for my diploma, so I tell myself that I’m an artist – it’s how I wish to be regarded.”

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