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Olivia O’Brien Releases Lighthearted Single “Never Be The One”

On Friday, Olivia O’Brien shared her latest single, “Never Be the One.” It will appear on the 22-year-old rising singer/songwriter’s upcoming three-song mixtape, A Means to an End, releasing on November 18. Pre-save the mixtape here.

This era replaces the (now) scrapped EP/album, which would be a continuation of her 2021 EP, Episodes: Season 1.

Friday, Olivia O’Brien shared her latest single , “Never Be the One.” It will appear on the 22-year-old rising singer/songwriter upcoming three-song micromixtape, A Means to an End, releasing on November 18.
Credit: @oliviaobrien / Instagram

“Never Be The One” By Olivia O’Brien

Olivia O’Brien’s new single is not that out of character for her discography. In contrast, “Never Be The One” wears a more Americana sound with a hint of dreamy dance synths. However, the topic and lyricism are well within her wheelhouse: unrequited love- well, the bright side of it.

“Never Be The One” is the first track of A Means To An End, in addition to tracks “What Are We” and “Gone Girl.” The pop star gives her fans an insightful description of her latest track.

“’Never Be The One’ is a song about a ‘situationship’ where you’ve realized that the person you’re with will never be anything more to you…“The idea that knowing you’ll never actually date someone or be with them in a real way doesn’t have to be sad… sometimes it’s nice to know that you’re just having fun in the moment and there’s no pressure to be anything else.”

The singer transforms from “I like the way you’ll never be the one,” to “I like the way you’ll never be the one (Who broke my heart).” Furthermore, it’s not that Olivia O’Brien is in love, but is unwilling allow them to obtain her love. It can be seen as both independent and guarded.

Recently, Olivia O’Brien teamed up with recent Featured Artist Friday alum FLETCHER, on the August release “Bitch Back.” Their single is an upbeat post-breakup anthem. As Julia Laughlin writes, “The pop vocalists are the perfect friends to boost your confidence and get your mind off the heartbreak. ”

What do you think of Olivia O’Brien’s new single, “Never Be The One”? Let us know in the comments!

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