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Sam MacPherson’s “How Do You Dress For The Rain?”

LA based singer-songwriter and musician Sam MacPherson just released his new single How Do You Dress For The Rain?

Sam MacPherson

Born in Red Bank, New Jersey, Sam MacPherson is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Los Angeles. With the influence of his family, a few years ago he started creating music and now he’s quickly conquering everybody’s heart.

In these last few years, MacPherson gained more than 1.5 M likes and 82.4k followers on his TikTok profile. MacPherson is in fact widening his loyal fans that can’t leave him and his music anymore.

With a combination of a captivating voice, an acoustic guitar and many different improvised rehearsal rooms, MacPherson is able to create magic. This is in fact the same magic that allowed him to release multiple singles and even his debut EP in 2021, Songs For Sam.

Sam MacPherson grew up in a household where The Rolling Stones and the Beatles were always being played. With the influence of his father and brother, both musicians and singer-songwriters, MacPherson got into music.

Through his biggest influences, John Mayer, Rex Orange County and Rayland Baxter, the artist began learning how to play the piano and the guitar. Moreover Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and Black Keys inspired his passion as well. Soon he also started writing his own music.

How Do You Dress For The Rain?

A warm and cradling music, with harmonies and a soulful voice is what defines his music. This equation appears also in his last single, How Do You Dress For The Rain?

How Do You Dress For The Rain? is an open-hearted song, where the artist expresses his suffering for letting go a beloved person. With verses like “Cuz I would fight if you ask me or give you space, let you go,” Sam MacPherson creates a touching poem that anyone can relate to.

How do you dress for the rain?
How do you brace for the pain
Of a heart not fully broken
How do you ask her to say?
How do you know to walk away
When the words are left unspoken

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