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Sadie Jean Drops Debut Single “WYD Now?”

Rising artist Sadie Jean finally dropped her highly-awaited debut single “WYD Now?” after it became popular on TikTok prior to its release.

Proving Her Storytelling Skills on “WYD NOW?”

Sadie is only 19 years old, but that’s enough to know what heartbreak feels like. In “WYD Now?” the singer sings along with the piano about a past relationship where she was left wondering what could’ve happened between the two of them. “I don’t wanna be 20 something. And still in my head about. 17 in my bedroom talking. You said that by now we’d. Paint the walls of our shared apartment. You’re still everything I want and. I think we could work it out. So what are you doin’ now?” The last lyrics of the chorus make listeners wonder what will happen next in this story, showing Sadie’s astonishing storytelling skills.

Sadie took over to Instagram to express how happy she was to finally share this single with the world. “IT’S OUT! I have no words but I’m going to try. This song means everything to me. I’m so happy and terrified to finally share all of it with you. Thank you, David Alexander and Grace Enger for writing it with me, Cameron Hale for producing it, and Pedro Calloni for mixing it. You’re all so special and I’m eternally grateful !!!!! Feel free to stop reading this now and go stream my debut single. AHHHH.”

Get to Know Sadie Jean!

Sadie Jean is a rising 19-year-old singer-songwriter based in NYC and LA with a knack for heartbreak songs. Deriving influence from Joni Mitchell, Taylor Swift, and Phoebe Bridgers, Sadie has always gravitated towards confessional songwriting. She began writing music based on her own life experience after realizing she was obsessed with the feeling that comes from relating to the lyrics of a good song. Sadie’s music blends honest and intimate lyrics with infectious pop melodies, guaranteeing a captivating and emotional listening experience.

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