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RY X Does It Again With “Blood Moon”

Happiness, sadness, anger, uplifting — many songs can properly convey a few of these basic emotions at one time, or none at all. But Australian alternative and indie pop singer RY X not only transcends these basic emotions through his new album, Blood Moon, but creates new moods and feelings for whoever listens to his music.

RY X Does it Again with Blood Moon

RY X released the album Blood Moon in June 2022, featuring hit singles such as “Your Love” and “Let You Go”. When describing “Your Love”, RY X says the track was about “a love with gravity that bled into the beauty and struggle of both, and one that wasn’t aligned to be—a cry of the heart in essence.” Blood Moon essentially deals with the complex nature of love and the self-discovery that may come out of painful intimate relationships.

His poetic thinking can not only be seen in lines such as: “Falling into your haunted eyes” in “Your Love”, but so many other tracks in the album.  Others like I prayed for your breath right here in the shallows” in “A Thousand Knives” or “Say it all in your silence here” in “Colorblind”, displays the landscape within his mindset.

To top it all off, RY X’s singing is an entirely unique vibe by itself. His intense echoic singing coupled with gripping choral harmonies allows for a moving and emotional journey. The instrumentals in his songs are best described as unexpected and adventurous, taking the listener on intense twists and turns that they wouldn’t have expected in a normal piece of pop music.

Stunning Music Videos

RY X has been busy posting several music videos for the tracks in Blood Moon throughout this year, which again are completely unique and add even more layers to his densely packed music. Throughout his accompanying music videos for the tracks in Blood Moon, performers dance in jerky, unnatural movements, contrasting with scenes of heartfelt cuddling and embracing. Inspired from the natural world, these music videos add a layer of serenity and wistfulness to RY X’s music.  Check out his video from the hit single  “Let You Go” !


RY X will be on tour in Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland throughout the summer, which can be found by clicking here.

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