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Royal Blood Hits Us in the Simplistic Feels With ‘Mountains at Midnight’

Royal Blood return two years after their previous studio album and one since their latest single with a new rock hit, “Mountains at Midnight.”

“Mountains at Midnight”

The single comes from the band’s new September album Back To The Water Below. Out 8th September, Back To The Water Below arrives two years after their previous studio release, Typhoons.

“We wanted to remind you who we are and what we do before we drag you down the rabbit hole with us. Pre-order the album from our official store via the link in our bio. UK store pre-orders will get pre-sale access to tickets for yet-to-be announced tour dates.”

Safe on their usual sound, “Mountains At Midnight” follows the melodic line maintained in previous years. Perhaps due to the unique presence of three instruments (bass, drums, and voice), the variation of musicality is limited, and strongly echoes what has been presented in recent years. It would not be difficult to confuse the single as part of Typhoons, and while this is not necessarily a problem – we remember the incredible release that was the 2021 album and its innovation – it certainly leads us to think that perhaps the evolutionary process of the band may have reached a period of stalemate and that the group has actually found their safe place.

The themes of hopelessness and apathetic desperation are in fact recurrent as well, once again marching over the same themes of the past few years.

On the good note, however, it is impossible to say that this song comes out as flat. Probably not the band’s most memorable release – especially when compared to groundbreaking hits like “Ten Tonne Skeleton,” “Figure It Out,” “Lights Out,” “Limbo,” and “Trouble’s Coming” – but “Mountains At Midnight” still doesn’t lack of personality neither disturbs the band’s personal style and music unicity.

Back To The Water Below and 2023 tour

Besides opening a few nights for compatriots Muse over the summer, this October, the Bristol duo will tour their native country, The UK, and Ireland. For a series of eight nights, the group will perform between the 20th and 30th of the month in Manchester, Stockton, London, Liverpool, Wolverhampton Portsmouth, and finally Belfast and Dublin.

Should we be ready for a new album and tour coming up?

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