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Rose Gray’s “Sun Comes Up” Is Taking Us Higher

Instagram @rosegray_. Photographed by @samuel.ibram.

Rose Gray released “Sun Comes Up” as yet another teaser to her Higher Than the Sun EP. This will be her second EP, following her 2021 album, Dancing, Drinking, Talking, Thinking, and her 2022 EP, Synchronicity. Not to mention her full spray of singles, Rose Gray’s discography is growing exponentially. Needless to say, there’s much to look forward to on February 1st, when the last song of Gray’s EP is released.

About The Song

“Sun Comes Up” is giving daydreaming diva energy. Underneath the poppy beat, it explores the conflict of confidence and insecurity. It’s an admission to thoughts that take you somewhere away from where you are. Surrounded by an air of mental distress, pills and potions can’t cure the daydreams that plague this song. The lyrics are sung with unapologetic bravery and suggestive curiosity that will hopefully embody the rest of the album. 

Rose Gray describes the song as “a little moody, a little ethereal, with a heavy breakbeat and live strings. It’s a side of what I do which I’m excited to showcase on this EP. I wrote this on an emo day. I can’t always be banging out 130bmp+s – sometimes I’m just sad.” It sounds like fans can expect a change of tune with this next EP. 

Rose Gray posing for Promise Me
Instagram @rosegray_. Photographed by @freddiestisted.

Other Teasers

Released alongside “Sun Comes Up,” “Promise Me” and “Prettier Than You” were unveiled as a sneak peak to the album. The poppy beats that recur throughout “Promise Me” are reminiscent of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” in a way that continues the diva mood. Not surprisingly, the visualizer video to “Prettier Than You” features a barbie doll as the second half of Gray’s cast. Impressively, “Prettier Than You” is featured on the soundtrack to FIFA 23, so don’t be afraid to expect big things from the rest of the album! Simply put, be ready to hear the finale to Higher Than the Sun, “Ecstasy”!

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