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Nirvana, Queen, Carole King- This Week In Music History

The Greatest Song Of All Time

On February 6th, 2014, NME named Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was named as the greatest song of all time.

Opening track for the grunge album par excellence, 1991’s Nevermind, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the song that allowed the Seattle band to get recognition outside of their hometown. Singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl soon after the release of the immediate hit became the most famous band of the period. To date, the group still has the same love from fans. Though a controversial marker, the tragic death of Cobain surely helped the band earning the full right to be targeted as “icon” of the time and in music in general. However, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is surely what confirmed the band’s effective greatness and sound with its strong guitars and bass, and maverick lyrics.

Nirvana - Nevermind

Whether the song actually deserves the first position in this specific chart or not, it surely represented a change in music’s course. If the rebellious lyrics and harsh sound of the grunge genre soon become famous worldwide, it surely depends also on the influence of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

The complete top five drawn up by NME is the following:

  1. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana;
  2. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” – Joy Division;
  3. “I Feel Love” – Donna Summer;
  4. “How Soon Is Now?” – The Smiths;
  5. “Last Nite” – The Strokes.

February 7: The Greatest Rock Anthem Of All Time

Another chart was released on February 7th, 2004. However, this time, it isn’t a chart released by a music magazine, but rather a survey filled by music fans. The poll chose “the greatest rock anthem of all time.”

According to voters, at the top of the chart is Queen’s single “We Will Rock You.”

Released in

February 8: Chris Brown and Rihanna’s tormented relationship

February 9: Carole King

Photo credits: Jim McCrary 
Courtesy Lou Adler/ Ode Records
Picture taken from Carole King's official Instagram account

Have you ever heard of the American tv comedy “Gilmore Girls?” The question should be who hasn’t. And have you ever heard the magical and reminiscent soundtrack? What if I told you it is sung by Grammy Award winner Carole King?

Carole King, nome d’arte di Carol Joan Klein, è una cantautrice e compositrice statunitense. Avendo scritto 118 canzoni entrate nella Billboard Hot 100, è la cantautrice di maggior successo della seconda metà del XX secolo

The 1977 song beat the band’s classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ into second place in a survey of 1,000 people carried out for the UCI cinema chain. The poll was carried out to mark the release of new Jack Black comedy ‘School of Rock.’
Chris Brown
8 Feb 2009 R&B singer Chris Brown was questioned by police in Los Angeles over a complaint of assault. The 19-year-old had pulled out of his performance at the Grammy Awards, as did his pop star girlfriend Rihanna. Police said Mr Brown argued with an unidentified woman while sitting in a car. Brown had walked into a police station and was later released on $50,000 (Ј34,000) bail. Los Angeles police did not identify the woman who had made the complaint against Brown
9 Feb 1942 Carole King birthday, US singer, songwriter who wrote many songs with Gerry Goffin including the 1962 UK No.3 & US No.22 single, ‘It Might As Well Rain Until September’. Her 1970 US No.1 album ‘Tapestry’ has sold over 15 million copies and became a Grammy award winner in 71.
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