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Rosalía Is Yours on ‘TUYA’

The Spanish sensation mixes reggaetón and flamenco with traditional Japanese instruments on "TUYA."

Following the sonic exploration on her groundbreaking album MOTOMAMI, Rosalía releases the sensual single “TUYA.” The new single is co-produced by the Spanish pop star featuring a lustful mixture of reggaetón, koto–the national instrument of Japan– and flamenco.

The performer’s visual prowess is complete with the Stillz-directed music video. Stillz incorporates unforgettable visuals in pop music with Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want, and multiple collaborations with Latin GRAMMY Award-winning reggaetón singer Rauw Alejandro and international icon Bad Bunny.

Filmed entirely in Japan, the video serves as a love letter to Japan, a country that Rosalía greatly admires. Beyond work and pleasure, she collects continuous inspiration via Japan’s community, music and art. The singer and a furry companion spend most of the music video wandering the streets, with quick deep cuts of one-of-a-kind Tokyo experiences.

Although Rosalía sings entirely in Spanish, the sauna scenes give away the intimate vibes. “I’m yours tonight. You are mine tonight,” she flutters. “You want to see me naked. I want to see you below my belly button.” The song’s epic finale ditches the koto strings for harder industrial techno manipulations that leaves MOTOMAMI in the dust.

“Exploring is part of who I am as a musician and in the case of ‘TUYA,’ inspirations such as reggaetón, Japanese instruments, flamenco and gabber techno coexist at the same level.”


“TUYA” is Rosalía’s first musical release since RR, her three-song joint project with her fiancée, Rauw Alejandro. The music video for “BESO” flashed through the couple’s cute home videos, signing off with the teary-eyed singer showing off her rock. Rosalía recently earned a Platinum certification for her 2022 summer hit, “DESPECHÁ,” in the U.S. Rosalía is currently on a robust festival tour across Europe; fans can find dates and ticket information here.

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