Rita Ora & Imanbek Unite for Joint EP “Bang”

British singer-songwriter Rita Ora and DJ Imanbek have joined forces in joint EP Bang. The EP is a perfect combination of Rita’s voice and Imanbek’s remixing skills, making this a perfect dance-pop EP.

Rita & Imanbek Talk About Bang

Both creators talked to HeraldMailMedia about the project. Rita said, “I’m always looking to develop creative connections with other artists. It’s amazing how much technology allowed our connection to shine through. Music truly is a universal language. This EP is proof that the creative process has the power to transcend any obstacle that separates us.” 

On the other hand, DJ Imanbek commented, “It was really fun to work with Rita on the project in such a creative way. The project brought us together not only creatively but personally and that was a great experience.”

David Guetta Joined the EP

Bang also includes the collaboration of famous DJ David Guetta, who gave his style to the lead song in the EP, ‘Big.’ Rita shared via Apple Music how this collab came to life. “I messaged David to ask his opinion on something for the EP, and he replied, simply: “I know about this record and I have to be involved”. I had no idea word had got out, but David knows everything. So he sent me a rough outline; Imanbek and I both loved it and changed a few things around.”

She continued, “I added my vocal and sent it back to David before I decided it needed a rapper, so messaged Gunna. The song gave the project a life of its own. I’ve done a lot of collaborations and have learned when things feel right, you let it be. And this felt very right.” ‘Big’ also counts with a music video shot in a very cool location where Rita shows off her beautiful outfits.”

Bang counts with four songs, and Rita said that ‘Mood’ was her favorite. “This is my vibe. It’s the swaggiest song on the record. I always feel I’m a secret rapper deep down. When I was recording these songs I had to push myself to sing like I wouldn’t usually sing.” Sounds amazing and it makes us wish the EP was a full album! Make sure to give it a listen.

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