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Rina Sawayama Drops Music Video For “This Hell”

Rina Sawayama has dropped the music video for her latest single “This Hell.”

Rina Sawayama’s “This Hell”

Rina Sawayama "This Hell" Single Cover

Japanese-British artist Rina Sawayama released her newest single “This Hell” this past May. Fans have been waiting for the singer-songwriter to drop her music video to “This Hell,” and now it’s finally here.

In the music video, Sawayama heads to a wedding that happens to be hers. Though she passes by intrusive paparazzi and anti-LGTBQ+ protestors, Sawayama doesn’t let that stop her. She proceeds with her wedding, dancing down the aisle and marrying her partners. The wedding afterparty takes place in a club aptly named “This Hell Club.” Sawayama and her wedding party have the time of their lives square dancing and feeding each other the fiery, blood red wedding cake.

Sawayama’s music video shows that she won’t let anti-LGBTQ+ talk interfere with her identity. The music video exudes pride in being who you are and not caring if others condemn you. Check it out below!

‘Hold The Girl’

“This Hell” is from Sawayama’s upcoming album, Hold The Girl. This will be Sawayama’s second studio album. Her first album, Sawayama, came out in April of 2020, to both critical acclaim and fans’ enjoyment alike. Before Sawayama and her signing to the record label Dirty Hit, the artist mostly released singles and collaborations.

In 2013, Rina Sawayama released her first single, “Sleeping in Waking.” She found her passion for music, as well as modeling, during her university years. Thanks to that discovery, she has been able to express herself and relate to others through the music she creates.

Hold The Girl will be released on September 2nd. Pre-order it here now!

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