December 04, 2022

Rebecca Black Shakes It Up With “Crumbs”


If you told me that the same girl that stood out as a straight up meme in our collective youths would then shake things up in a new single years later, I wouldn’t believe you. So let’s cut right through the fat and get to the bone. Here’s my thoughts on Rebecca Black and her latest single “Crumbs.

Rebecca Black Is “Dark Now”

Oh how times change. It feels like yesterday I was getting home from school, watching my favorite YouTuber play games. “Friday” by Rebecca Black would catch my attention, I’d click and hear it for the first time. Next day, and several weeks later, classmates would sing it. Whether to be annoying or doing so completely unironically. That was what many of us consider the “Golden Years.” Things were simpler and somewhat put together. Now… 11 years later and we’re all either in college, graduated, and tackling this crazy world. With that, Rebecca Black is still releasing music, her newest being “Crumbs.” And luckily, while things did change, there’s one thing that stands out among that. 

Rebecca Black really threw out the whole vibe she started with and took a messy, loud, pop approach to her rebirth. The first frame of the “Crumbs” music video she really said “I’m dark now.” Which, frankly, I ain’t mad at it. It’s a refreshing change from her, especially with what was her established persona. I like it! It’s got me curious to see what’s coming next. Furthermore, “Crumbs” is techno pop and exudes a vibe that I can only attribute to cyberpunk. Which, is a great thing in my book! 

Want more? Well go on and give “Crumbs” by Rebecca Black a listen by clicking above or here. For more on your favorites and unknowns check out our Word and Drops sections. 



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