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KAROL G Takes Us To “CAIRO” On New Single

Colombian singer-songwriter KAROL G released her new single “CAIRO,” teasing a new album on the way.

KAROL G Teases A New Era

KAROL G is here to stay! The reggaeton star just released her third full-length album KG0516 in 2021, but she’s already getting ready to release its follow-up. Until now, she’s become known for releasing LPs every two years – Unstoppable in 2017, OCEAN in 2019, and last year’s project just mentioned. So, it would only make sense for her to release another one in 2023. So far, it looks like it’s going to happen that way!

Since the release of KGO516, she has been involved in a number of new singles. Nevertheless, it has been the recent releases, such as “PROVENZA” and “GATUBELA,” that really stand out as marking the start of a new era. “CAIRO” arrives only to confirm this, and we are already falling in love with this new music.

She Travels To Egypt For The Music Video

The music video for “CAIRO” takes KAROL G straight to the capital of Egypt. There, she travels across the streets of the city and shows her fans the beauty of it. Funny enough, the song doesn’t really talk about the city of Cairo at all. Instead, she sings to a lover about falling in love with him. But, of course, she made a promise to herself to not get feelings for a man anytime soon. Well, we are loving the song anyway. It’s so catchy!

“Egypt is one of the top 5 places in the world that I dreamed of visiting,” KAROL G says. “I had the ambition to see the country, to wander its streets and landmarks such as the pyramids and the Sphinx. As well as to make a music video, something that was always in my heart and mind. The moment I arrived at the place was overwhelming as I saw that after a difficulty, my dream had been achieved and had become a reality. I will regard it as one of the best projects of my life.”

Now that “CAIRO” is out, we’ll just have to wait and see if any announcements of an album come our way!

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