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Ravyn Lenae Switches It Up In “Skin Tight (Alternate)”

I should start this off by saying I’m not much of an R&B guy. I mean, I do love me some “I Choose You” by Willie Hutch, but that’s why we’re here. We’re in 2022 not 1969, so let’s take a look at the latest from modern artist Ravyn Lenae: “Skin Tight (Alternate)”. 


Original Vs. Alternate Version

“Skin Tight” remains a fan-favorite, so you can imagine how ecstatic fans were to hear a more whimsical version of it! As a first time listener, it’s got quite a bit to it. All primarily coming from the impressive vocals by Lenae herself and the beauty behind it all. As for the production, to an extent it reminds me a bit of a Disney movie, mixed with The 1975. If you’ve experienced both of those things then I think you’ll get it.


Lyrical Content In “Skin Tight (Alternate)”

Conversely, “Skin Tight (Alternate) [feat. Steve Lacy]” strips the instrumentation down to a harp, flute, and strings. This simplified version shines more light on the hypnotic vocals and endearing lyrics. “I’ll still be your friend, you’ll come back again/ Hold me while you can, hold me while you can,” the chorus reads. Ravyn Lenae struggles to move on from a past lover, as she still cares for this person. “You deserve someone new/ If I can’t call you, I won’t shake it/ Even though you should leave me for good.” Lenae knows it is time to let go, but their undeniable connection has a hold on her. It may be best to part ways, but the distance doesn’t make her feelings disappear. 

It’s dreamy and slower than the original. And as for the lyrics, it’s all about wanting to enjoy the here and now.

It’s definitely an interesting corner of music to look into if you don’t particularly consume this content, like me. If you end up liking it and want even more then feel free to check out HYPNOS by Ravyn Lenae here

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