Anna Akana Drops ‘Run’ With EP Out This Month

Anna Akana just released the official music video for her new song ‘Run.’ Many of her long-time fans may be a little surprised to see the comedian dressed in exotic headdresses and draped fabrics singing. But that’s just what Akana wants.

Non-Stop Entertainer 

Before releasing her first album Casualty in 2019, Akana focused as a stand-up comedian, actress, and YouTube star. Akana uses her channel to initiate conversations about one of her passions: mental health. She is vocal about her experiences in therapy and ways to treat depression. 

The entertainer has been online since 2011 and has no problem with switching lanes. Akana wants the online community to see that it is okay to try something new. It is okay to make many kinds of art, even if you are not a master. 

Anna’s Akana New Song

Anna is on her way to being an expert with this beautifully mixed single. It’s a muted pop record about the aftermath of a breakup. Her songs are modern pop records mixed with trendy digital sound. Although, Akana’s voice is not sparkly and passionate, but relaxed, giving the track a chill mood for jamming. 

For Akana, it is not so much about the music, it is about being a beacon of hope to women all over the world that can relate to Anna. This is another way for Akana to control her creative vision while inspiring others to do the same.

In a feature with Forbes, Anna Akana ended her time by saying this. “I hope I can inspire young women, or Asian women, or queer women, to just try” Akana says. “I have so many younger friends who are afraid of failure, and it’s a difficult time to be creative, on the internet, with such a large audience. Feedback, when given anonymously, can be devastating. My art is just me, working through things, and hopefully I inspire others to do the same.”

Akana is leaning into her new-found image for her upcoming EP, No Longer Yours, scheduled to release February 19. 


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