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Lewis Capaldi Shares Tragic Ballad “Pointless”

Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi released his new single “Pointless,” following September’s “Forget Me.”

Lewis Is Back To His Magnificent Ballads

Lewis Capaldi just started his new era three months ago, but we are already loving it. The first taste of music that he gave us in three years, “Forget Me,” was nothing but beautiful. Now, “Pointless” follows that pattern, and the kind of heartbreaking lyricism that Lewis has earned a name for.

“Pointless” is a tragic ballad where Lewis confesses his love to a romantic partner. He reveals how much he makes him happy, and that there is nothing else he wants in the world than her. From all my airs and graces / To the little things I do / Everything is pointless without you / Of all the dreams I’m chasing / There’s only one I choose / Everything is pointless without you,” he sings in the chorus.

Ed Sheeran Helped Co-Write “Pointless”

But Lewis Capaldi didn’t write “Pointless” all by himself. His good friend Ed Sheeran jumped on the track as well, and that can certainly be reflected throughout the song. “Ed had that lyric, ‘I bring her coffee in the morning, she brings me inner peace,’ and pretty much every other line of that opening was just banging,” Lewis said about the songwriting process of the song.

Additionally, he revealed that initially, he thought about making “Pointless” the first single to mark his comeback. But, he didn’t want it to be “the song that he worked with Ed Sheeran with.” Instead, he went ahead and chose “Forget Me.” And we’re so glad that he did! That song is remarkably his, and it demonstrates how much he has changed during these past three years.

Lewis Capaldi told Music Week: “I think [Ed is] the best British songwriter of the last 20 years, but I had reservations about putting out a Sheeran co-write as the first song because it would be portrayed as ‘Ed Sheeran wrote my first single back’ and I didn’t want that to be the takeaway. He understood where I was coming from.”

We can’t wait to see what else Lewis has been working on! In the meantime, go listen to “Pointless.”

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