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quinnie Drops Debut Album, “flounder”

After the release of her Christmas work, Quinnie returns with her new album, flounder.

Flounder: a journey

The artist defined her album as a journey, written between the age of 18 and 20.

“posting this sick from bed today lol but my album flounder is out. i wrote all of these songs between the ages of 18 and 20 and so to put this body of work out almost a year after it all got finished is truly this insane skin-shedding experience.”

quinnie flounder‘s official album cover

The singer went on thanking the album’s executive producer Jake Weinberg – “but also my best friend and my roommate for the last three years:”

She added: 

“jake mixed like 80% of the record when we had no budget, spent a week and a half building the touch tank set with me, directed, shot and edited that video, directed and edited several more of my music videos, carried out the never ending process of turning my illustrations into animations in the man video, edited my cover art, and is now tirelessly helping to translate this album into a live setting…and way more. 

he makes all my creative dreams come true and i am so lucky to work on this project with my best friend, and even more lucky that my best friend is a creative genius. anyways. give a listen if youd like. this album is very important to me and i hope it becomes important to you too.”

Also Weinberg released a short statement commenting the drop of the album. The focus immediately went to the title single “flounder.” Weinberg said:

“we had basically finished the album and quinn knew she wanted it to be called flounder and we had to make a song with that name. it turned out to be a unanimous favorite for all of us. this song is a big family affair and i couldn’t be happier it’s out, album next.”

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