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M83 Releases New Album “Fantasy.”

Electronic music group, M83 has just announced the release of their new album “Fantasy.” Artist Anthony Gonzalez posted the announcement for his new project on Instagram, stating “Hope y’all like it. Keep dreaming friends.” We see this alien-sort-of-character who opens a packages from ‘other sun’, pulling out the new M83 ‘Fantasy’ vinyl, and the once meditative music becomes louder and stronger. It’s fitting that the song in the video is Water Deep, the opening song in the album.

Screensot from M83 Instagram video for new album "Fantasy"
Alien from M83 Instagram video announcing new album “Fantasy.”

In regards to all the anticipation for something new, M83 has delivered that and more.

I want to keep having fantasies about worlds that I don’t know and creatures I don’t understand, and that’s the story behind this record.

Caption from Anthony Gonzalez’s Instagram

M83’s “Fantasy” is Meant For the Movies.

On March 17th, the world was reminded once again why M83 is one of the most commonly known artists, especially in cinema. After years of waiting, Gonzalez finally airs his ninth album and is ready to take us on a new adventure. His songs have this uncanny ability to create their own worlds, and with little to no additional lyrics. The French electronic composer seems to have broken the wall between music and movies. His previous discography had countless tracks feature in movies and shows, some you may be familiar with:

  • “Midnight City” in 22 Jump Street
  • “Wait” in Five Feet Apart
  • “Wait” in The Fault in Our Stars
  • “Oblivion” in Oblivion
  • “I Need You” in Divergent

The “Fantasy” Album Goes on Tour in April

Gonzalez also released upcoming tour dates and locations for his “Fantasy” album. He’s also including separate dates and location abroad like his London shows from June 28-29.

Stream “Fantasy” now!!!

Watch the “Ocean’s Niagara” music video HERE!

Buy your tickets now and keep an ear out for the next time you hear M83 on TV.

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