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PSICOLOGI: Emo-rap and Political Commitment

“Psicologi” is Italian for psychologists and is the name of the duo formed by rappers Drast and Lil Kaneki, both born in 2001. 

The band started its journey four years ago by publishing on YouTube the video of the track “PSICOLOGI // DIPLOMA,” previously released on SoundCloud. Fun fact: at that time, Drast and Lil Kaneki didn’t have a name for the group yet. What happened? People thought that the single was only called “DIPLOMA” and PSICOLOGI was the name of the duo. So, they decided to keep it that way. 

With their emo-rap, indie/rock sounds and political commitment, they quickly became a big thing on the SoundCloud platform. But, gaining recognition from the general public was just a matter of time. 

With 2019 came the EP 2001, which got a lot of attention thanks also to the success of tracks like “Futuro,” “Alessandra” and “Autostima.” After that came a lot of collabs with some big names in the Italian scene (Ariete, Mecna, thasup, Madame). And, later, another album: MILLENIUM BUG, a hidden gem of 2021’s alt music drop. 

What surprises most about PSICOLOGI is their ability to adapt to all kinds of sounds. Although the duo has its specifics, that didn’t stop Drast and Kaneki from exploring the magic of fusion.

Bonus line: “FIORI MORTI,” “RADIO,” “Non Mi Fido” and “VITA E PROBLEMI” are a must of PSICOLOGI’s discography. Not the most famous tracks, but they definitely NEED to be listened to.

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