Mecna and CoCo Filled the Fall with the Drop of “Bromance”

The wait for “Bromance,” the new album of Mecna and CoCo, has finally ended. Indeed, one week ago, the couple has dropped their first big project together, for the happiness of all their fans.

“Bromance” contains 12 tracks, actually 10 plus the two already dropped. “Bromance” and “La più bella“, each has a precise melodic imprint. At a first listen, it could seem similar to other previous works of their discography, but after a second/third listen all changes. This is because, contrary to other drops nowadays, it needs time to be appreciated.

What I’ve particularly liked is the fact that the songs follow a common mood during the listens, but they’re really different between each other. “XXO” is one thing, “Sali su” is another thing, and “Longsleeve” is something else again, all this to tell you more about the many facets on this album.

Mecna, CoCo and “Mentre Nessuno Guarda”

Mecna and CoCo filled the Fall with the drop of “Bromance,” a work destined to grow and obtain a lot of more in the next months. The new album comes out after a full summer of music, particularly for Mecna and his “Mentre Nessuno Guarda,” that already contained the presence of CoCo on the track “For You.”

The relationship between the two is something stronger than a simple music bond, it’s instead more about long time friendship and mutual esteem as well. “Bromance” is a music marriage, that will need time to be listened and, especially, appreciated. It seems that both the songwriters have left, at least for a while, their artistic certainties to join some new sounds.

Musts of “Bromance”

Bonus advice: “Chicago,” “Calendario,” “Anima” and “Longsleeve” are a must of the album, you can’t really miss these beauties. Trust me, if you don’t know this couple yet, it’s time to fix that. “Bromance,” if we’d like to give it a score, that would be a 8.5/10. Not perfect (but who’s it after all?) but still excellent and adaptable to all the situations.

Well, OK, now please don’t let me waste the time that I spent to speak about this album. Go and listen to it!

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