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Post Malone plays Apex Legends for charity

Post Malone on stage Rock Werchter festival

Post Malone is playing video games for charity! The news arrives from TMZ, which also stated that the singer, through his ‘Gaming For Love’ streams, raised over $200,000 by playing Apex Legends.

The artist streamed on Twitch.


In four nights, the artist raised over $196,000. Some of the proceeds went to Apex Legends creator Respawn Entertainment. As for them, Respawn Entertainment donated a sum of $40,000 to thank Post Malone. This way, the total arrived well over $200,000.

But this is not all!

Magic: The Gathering

On Aug 4, the artist also played Magic: The Gathering against a lucky fan. The game was played for a $100,000 prize. The event went under the title “Mana Y Mana: The Post Malone Magic Battle.” It was streamed on Whatnot.

However, this is only the first part of the event. In fact, the second part was broadcast on Aug 11, when the one fan will be flown to Los Angeles for a face-off game against the singer.

John Walters, Whatnot’s special projects’ manager, mentioned Post Malone’s work in a comment, saying:

“As a multi-talented artist with skills that extend beyond music — and as an avid Magic: The Gathering player and formidable opponent — we’re looking forward to seeing him battle it out live with one of our dedicated fans.”

On his hand, Post Malone mentioned how he “absolutely love[s] Magic: The Gathering.”

“I can’t wait to link up with Whatnot and battle it out with the winner,” he added.

“I’ll attempt a backflip”

Just like Tom Cruise does his own stunts, so did Post Malone. Or at least, he tried.

In fact, during the livestream, the singer improvised a backflip, which unfortunately didn’t go as planned.  “I said that I would say I’ll attempt a backflip,” Post Malone said before attempting clumsy but very funny jump.

But it wasn’t worthless! In fact, through this “backflip,”  he raised $50,ooo! Just like that!

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