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Inhaler Is “Totally” Ready for Their Debut Album


The Irish alternative quartet, Inhaler, dropped their newest single “Totally” from their upcoming debut album It Won’t Always be Like This.

Who is Inhaler?

Inhaler is an electric alternative pop band full of psychedelic melodies and groovy bass lines.

The band got started in 2012 at St. Andrews College in Dublin. The band officially named themselves in 2015 and released their debut single, “I Want You,” in 2017. Since then, they’ve released an EP and nine singles.

The band features Robert Keating, the bassist, John Jenkinson on guitar, Ryan McMahon, the drummer, and Elijah Hewson, the lead singer/guitarist. Elijah Hewson also happens to be the son of U2’s Bono.

Inhale and Exhale, their debut album is almost here

“It Won’t Always Be Like This,” was a single they released back in 2019, and is now the first single on the Inhaler debut album.

“Totally” is the fifth single to be released from the album as of last week. This track has an old-school 80’s pop punk vibe and a groovy melody. It explores the devastation of never seeing eye to eye with the person you feel you are supposed to be with. “We talk until the sun comes up, but still can’t relate,” Hewson sings. “Why does it hurt me so much?”

In a social media post, Keating expresses what the track means to him and the band.

“Totally was a song that we have to thank the lockdown for,” Keating states. “It’s one of my favorites because it’s got a kind of dancey, old school feel which I think has opened the doors for how far we think our sound can go”

Overall, this album is sure to be a full of smash hits. Stay tuned for the release of the album on July 9th.

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