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Caroline Romano Shares New Single “Mississippi Air”

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Caroline Romano shares her newest single, “Mississippi Air.”

Caroline Romano

Caroline Romano is an 21-year-old American singer and songwriter from Nashville, Mississippi. Embracing the rock-indie wave developed in the past ten years, Romano created a unique sound based on a witty, introspective, and hopeful take on modernity, romanticism, and the highs and lows of being young in today’s world. The artist shared her first album, Oddities and Prodigies, in 2022, and since then, hasn’t stopped dropping her work, improving her sound song after song.

“Mississippi Air”

With its indie-rock guitar and her tender vocals, “Mississippi Air” is a nostalgic and heartfelt ballad. The song pays homage to Romano’s home state of Mississippi and the kaleidoscope of memories attached to certain places. 

The artist gave a short description for her single.“’Mississippi Air’ is really just a longing for something, or a feeling, that once was,” she said.

“It’s driving past a blur of trees spinning into a film reel, playing a movie of something you used to know, and briefly you are able to breathe. You’re able to know the love you once had without the pain associated with it. I think we all have those moments as we drive through familiar grounds that take us back to when something you’ve lost wasn’t lost at all. It is a deep surrounding type of breath you take in those moments. That’s ‘Mississippi Air’ — lavender bikinis, button downs, silver trucks, pools, and Harry Styles songs.”

The singer also added that “Mississippi Air” represents the “beauty of having something to miss.”

“there is brevity in true breaths, and foreshadowing in Sufjan Stevens casualties.”

The single is already out on all streaming platforms today. Don’t miss this unique track and discover more about the amazing Caroline Romano.

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