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Pop Latto Returns With “Lottery”

After Latto’s worldwide success dabbling in pop music with the 2x platinum “Big Energy,” she utilizes a similar method for “Lottery.” This time, Latto incorporates more melodies, but from singer-songwriter LU KALA. And Latto stays in her hip hop lane by rapping over the pop instrumental. 

“Lottery” Controversy 

A few weeks ago, on January 31, Latto teased a snippet of the song via her social media pages. The video captures the rapper and her two friends dancing to the track in the studio.The caption reads: “Pop Latto loading…” She left the vocalist behind the catchy chorus anonymous. Fans gave positive input and began to speculate that the vocalist was Charli XCX. However, other viewers were not pleased. They were quick to compare how sonically “Lottery” was a rip off of Saweetie and H.E.R’s 2022 collaboration “Closer.” 

TW: Physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse

Additionally Twitter users brought to light that Dr Luke was the producer behind “Lottery.” In 2014, singer Kesha would file a lawsuit against Dr. Luke for physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse “to the point where [she] nearly lost her life.” Despite the allegations, several singers and rappers have continued to work with the producer. And Latto is one of them. “Lottery” is the second collaboration between Latto and Dr. Luke- the first time being “Big Energy.”

The Key To Winning Over Latto And LU KALA

Covert Art For "Lottery" By Latto Featuring LU KALA. (@latto777 Via Instagram.)
Covert Art For “Lottery” By Latto Featuring LU KALA. (@latto777 Via Instagram.)

Now, what we DO support is LU KALA’s vocals. The chorus of “Lottery” is cute and certainly catchy. It’s upbeat and fun with simple lyrics perfect for easy listening. Basically, winning over Latto and LU KALA is like hitting the lottery. “If I let you take me home with you tonight / If I let you see what I got on my mind / If I tell you all my dirty fantasies (Latto) / You won the lottery (Yeah), you won the lottery,” LU KALA sings on the chorus.

Latto offers her usual confident player-like rhymes to the track. She embraces her sex appeal and the rapper is a prize like the lottery. And so, she’s looking for a man in particular. “I need a real boss / Somebody who don’t care what the bill cost / Smooth skin, thick thighs, you can feel on / If he hit this then he hit the Mega Million,” Latto raps on “Lottery.”


LU KALA. (Photo: @igobyLu Via Twitter).

More importantly, “Lottery” is a huge opportunity for LU KALA who faced a great deal of rejection in the music industry. This is because she did not fit the societal norms of a typical pop star. For example: Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears etc are all massive renowned pop stars. The common denominator is, they are all skinny, white, and cisgender. LU KALA is a curvy Black woman who creates bubblegum pop anthems sharing personal stories. She fights for the Black female representation in the lack-luster pop industry. Furthermore, LU KALA is the full package; she knows how to craft a hit and has a voice that can fit any genre of music. This includes: dance, R&B, rock, soul and pop. Her vocals are the cheat code if you want a hit song. 

Therefore, the combination of Latto’s success with pop and LU KALA’s hit-making skills are the recipe for a hot girl summer banger. So if you have what it takes to win the duo over, you may just hit the lottery.

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