Piso 21 Launch “El Amor en Los Tiempos del Perreo” Album

Piso 21, the famous boyband from Colombia, released their third studio album “El Amor en Los Tiempos del Perreo.” It includes plenty of featured artists, such as Black Eyed Peas, Maluma, Myke Towers, and Christian Nodal.

The Project Took Nearly Two Years to Come Together

The Latin boyband consists of four members – Juan David Huertas Clavijo, Pablo Mejía Bermúdez, David Escobar Gallego, and David Lorduy Hernández. The band’s name is inspired by the floor number of the building they used to rehearse in. “Piso 21” translates to “21st floor,” making this a very special name for the boys.

The album started coming to life back in July 2019, when Piso 21 got together with Myke Towers in the single “Una Vida Para Recordar.” The track is a love letter to a woman, where they mention that they can make her happy. But, due to the lack of financial resources, they won’t have any luxuries or material objects. They make it clear that luxuries are not necessary for a relationship to last and, of course, to be happy.

Almost immediately, the group couldn’t wait to share their new single, “Mami,” alongside Black Eyed Peas. Released in August 2019, the fun bilingual pop song mixes up both Latin and American cultures beautifully.

Collaborating With Worldwide Artists

Only a month after the release of the bilingual track, Piso 21 decided to go on a different route. They partnered up with Regional-Mexican singer Christian Nodal to bring “Pa’ Olvidarme de Ella” to life. The single is a combination of Latin pop, urban, and Regional-Mexican. It distinguishes itself from the rest of the album.

Their first release of 2020 was “Dulcecitos,” featuring Zion & Lennox. They put together a fun reggaeton single along with a music video, which is the perfect visual for the song.

Piso 21 then took a longer break to release a new single. “Querida,” featuring Feid, came out in July. This made fans be even more excited for the new release – they couldn’t also help but wonder if an album from the group was coming out soon.

It wasn’t until December when they got more news about the band’s whereabouts, as they teamed up with Maluma for the last single, “Mas de la Una,” before the album release. The collaboration between the artists went viral, as they are both incredibly well-known in the reggaeton world.

Piso 21 Finally Announces the Album

Finally, fans were able to get their questions answered on March 10 of this year. Only one week prior to the album’s release, Piso 21 took over to Instagram to make the big announcement, accompanied by a picture of the album cover. “And finally, the product after a long time of work, effort, and creativity. We announce the most beautiful album we have ever worked on. El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Perreo: a fine selection of songs for life ❤️ # EAELTDP We present the official album cover of this work of art.” 

The rest of the singles were released alongside the album on March 18th. The same day, “Tan Bonita,” got chosen as the next single from the band, releasing a music video for the single, as well.

“El Amor en Los Tiempos del Perreo” includes a total of 15 songs. Go listen to it on your favorite platform and enjoy!

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