Paloma Mami Surprises With Debut Album “Sueños de Dalí”

Paloma Mami’s debut album, Sueños de Dalí, has arrived. In the brand new project, the Chilean-American singer shows off that she’s proud of her roots by including bilingual – sung in English and Spanish!

The First Teasers of the Album

Paloma first teased the album in December 2019 with the lead single “Mami.” Since then, it was clear that her style was very unique, as she mixes both languages beautifully and includes the sounds of reggaeton and trap, as well. She shared via Apple Music how Ivy Queen was the one that initially inspired her sound. “I pay homage to my girl Ivy Queen, the one that started everything. My cousins, all they would play whenever I’d come to Chile was reggaetón. I think I was 11, 12 years old. I probably heard it when I was younger, but there I was old enough to really understand and hear who she was and hear her lyrics and understand them.”

Later on, in April 2020, the second single, “Goteo,” produced by El Guincho, came out. This track was a little different than “Mami,” as it leans more toward the sounds of dance. Regardless, Paloma still made sure to give it her signature bilingual twist. She shared, “For this track, I collaborated with El Guincho, an amazing producer from Spain. I told him, ‘This is my idea. I want to talk about how fly I am but make it in Spanish.’ He loved the idea and he immediately played a track for me and I thought it was perfect with the vibe.”

Mixing up Her Writing Style

After a couple of months of waiting, we finally got the next single, “For Ya,” which came out in November. Paloma changed her writing style in this song by including full verses in Spanish and others in English; alongside mixing the languages together in between sentences. “I saw a lot of potential in this song, and then I wrote it in Spanish and I fell in love with it even more. It’s sad because it’s basically just about loving somebody and there’s nothing you can do about the fact that the person doesn’t love you the same way. I think a lot of people can relate,” she commented.

Paloma followed the same writing style in “Religiosa,” which was the very last single released prior to the album release date. In the song, she explains to her partner that she loves him so much that it kind of feels like religion. She’s devoted to him. She stated, “’Religiosa’ is more of my vulnerable, romantic side – and I’m a Scorpio, so I’m a person that doesn’t really like sharing my emotions like that. When you’re religious, you believe in that so much and you’re very passionate about that belief. I feel like sometimes that happens in relationships, where you’re so passionate about somebody that that’s all you know.”

Paloma Mami Drops One Last Single

Lastly, she shared her latest single, “Traumada,” along with a music video on the album release date. “’Traumada’ is a vibe. I feel like lots of people have gotten to that point in their lives where it’s not even that they don’t want anything to do with love, it’s just that they’re traumatized at this point. They never want to talk about it again.” It’s one of the most relatable songs on the album, as many people have gone through that phase in life.

The album follows the reggaeton-style mixed in with trap really well, making it enjoyable for both Spanish and English speakers. If you’re looking for new Latin music to listen to, look no further! Go listen to Paloma Mami’s Sueños de Dalí album.

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