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“You Belong To Someone Else”– Another Cyrus/Harding Masterpiece

The phrase “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” perfectly aligns with the release of “You Belong To Someone Else.” That is Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding’s latest collaboration, and yet again, it’s mesmerizing. 


Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding Are On A Roll

Fresh off her Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, Noah Cyrus once again paired up with PJ Harding. The duo have been collaborating consistently for the past year, but now have an EP coming out. 


This forthcoming record is collaboration central. The pairing worked hand-in-hand to bring to life a kind of folk-pop sound that rarely gets picked up by the mainstream…. Until now.


Each one of their releases thus far have acquainted fans and music lovers with this intricately crafted sound of theirs. Ever since they crossed paths in 2018 and worked together on Cyrus’ critically acclaimed 2020 release, The End of Everything, the world has never been the same. We’re all just waiting on the edge of our seat for new Cyrus/Harding music.


Earlier in 2021, the  match made in heaven released “Dear August.” This track was an introduction to their upcoming EP, People Don’t Change. As they have continued to work together, they have gotten closer and closer to this record release. But before the release comes, they dropped “You Belong To Someone Else.” 


Fresh Out of the Oven: “You Belong To Someone Else”

“You Belong To Someone Else” is like a page out of a diary entry set to twinkling guitar riffs and angelic vocal harmonies. 


The duo’s delightful country sound with laidback production makes this song a rollercoaster of emotions. Lyrically, the song is gut-wrenching and soul-stirring. Musically, its toe-tapping and heartwarming. 


“You Belong To Someone Else,” as well as this upcoming EP, are bringing warmth and light to the music industry. As supremely talented both Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding are, and no matter how professional these tracks sound, there is an overarching feeling that all of these songs could have been written and recorded right in your backyard. 


As PJ Harding himself admits in a press release, “At heart, this is really a raw, homemade record. There’s a strong folk tradition in Australia, which you can possibly feel. There’s certainly a lot of Nashville in there too. I feel like Noah is really the guiding force here. She’s the soul of this record.”


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